Rick Fleshman, owner of Fleshman’s Antiques in Historic New Market, Maryland. No newcomer to the business, Rick has been in the antiques business for over 30 years. When he was in high school, he helped his parents move furniture in and out of mall shows and shops. They participated in shows from New Jersey to Virginia Beach and everywhere in between. (His mother is long-time dealer and ADAM member, Barbara Null, “Buck and Barb’s”, who currently resides in New Jersey and is still active in the show circuit.)

   According to Rick, his father instilled a solid work ethic in both him and his brother. His mother gave him the gift of gab, or selling as some may call it. After college and a baseball career, Rick became a partner in “Buck and Barb’s” participating in over 30 shows a year. Then in 1989, he bought a home in New Market and started his own business with his wife, Nancy.


Rick has always found a great deal of satisfaction in taking a piece of furniture in the rough and making it look beautiful and useful again. While his family’s business centered around turn of the century oak, he has focused on Victorian walnut and local period furniture in walnut, Tiger Maple and cherry. He is still very fond, though, of quarter-sawn oak pieces.

Rick said his father was not particularly good at repairs, so he always tried to buy pieces in good, original condition. It’s a tradition Rick has continued in his own business. According to Rick, unique, quality furniture and service have been the key to the longevity of their business.

   In addition to his business, Rick is extremely active in his community of New Market and has served as Mayor. Fleshman’s Antiques is open Friday through Sunday from 12 noon til 5:00 pm. The shop number is 301-602-2985.